Wild Palms (Fox 1993 with Jim Belushi and Dana Delany)

USA / Fox – Ixtlan – Greengrass / 1×90 minute episode 4×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1993

Creator: Bruce Wagner / Theme Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto / Executive Producer: Oliver Stone / Producer: Michael Rauch / Directors: Peter Hewitt, Keith Gordon, Kathryn Bigelow, Phil Joanou

SciFi drama serial. Full on futuristic yarn set I Los Angeles in the year 2007. Virtual Reality is all the rage and Harry Wyckoff is given the job of producing Channel 3’s new holographic soap Church Windows, he soon comes to realise that the owners of the channel are caught up in the schemes of a cult called The Fathers.

With its super glossy look and a high profile cast and crew Wild Palms was something of a victim of its own hype back in 1993 on its original showing, whilst never quite as good as it thinks it is Wild Palms is still very very watchable, full of surrealistic touches (especially the Rhino in the swimming pool), amazing sets and a complicated plot.

Based on Bruce Wagners comic strip and executive produced by Oliver Stone Wild Palm’s five episodes (here spread over two discs) were directed by the likes of Keith Gordson, Kathryn Bigelow and Phil Janou.

At its centre Wild Palms touches on themes familiar to followers of Stone’s work and is really an Orwellian trip into the black heart of American TV.

JAMES BELUSHI as Harry Wyckoff
DANA DELANY as Grace Wyckoff
ROBERT LOGGIA as Senator Anton Kreutzer
DAVID WARNER as Eli Levitt
BEBE NEUWIRTH as Tabba Schwartzkopf
BRAD DOURIFF as Chickie Levitt

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