Wilfred (FX 2011-2014, Elijah Wood, Jason Gann)

Wilfred Jason Gann and Elijah Wood

Sitcom Wilfred is based on the Australian sitcom of the same title. It stars Elijah Wood as Ryan who is struggling to find his niche in the world and who has his life changed for ever when he strikes up a friendship with the next door neighbours dog Wilfred, the twist being that where everybody else sees Wilfred as just an ordinary dog to Ryan to he is an Australian bloke dressed in a cheap woolly dog suit who isn’t shy when it comes to speaking his mind.

Wilfred is a fabulous concept and it plays out just as well in this new larger budget, opened out version as it did in the smaller scale Australian one, Gann, who co-wrote the original version is brilliant as Wilfred, captures that inherent crudeness that is at the heart of the character. It succeeds on several levels too, very easy to enjoy as a funny sitcom and it’s easy to read lots of metaphor into it too with Wilfred being a figment of Ryan’s psyche and actually being a real dog.

Wilfred Jason Gann

Elijah Wood as Ryan Newman
Jason Gann as Wilfred
Fiona Gubelmann as Jenna Mueller
Dorian Brown Pham as Kristen Newman
Dorian Brown as Kristen
Ethan Suplee as Spencer
Chris Klein as Drew
Rashida Jones as Lisa

crew details
Creators: Jason Gann, Adam Zwar, David Zuckerman
Executive Producers: David Zuckerman, Jason Gann, Rich Frank, Paul Frank, Jeff Kwatinetz, Joe Connor, Ken Connor

production details
Country: USA
Studio: FX Network
Duration: 49×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 23 June 2011 – 13 August 2014

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