Wreath Of Roses, A (ITV 1987, Joanna McCallum, Trevor Eve)

A Wreath of Roses

Well cast period drama A Wreath of Roses was based on short by Elizabeth Taylor (not the actress but the romantic novelist). While waiting for a train, a lonely woman is witness to a suicide on the tracks. A sympathetic man strikes up a friendship with her. At first reluctant, she is drawn in by his self-assured good looks, despite an uneasy feeling that he is not what he seems. She eventually discovers that he is hiding a deadly secret.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×75 minute episode / Broadcast 6 September 1987

Writer: Peter Prince / Story: Elizabeth Taylor / Producer: Roy Roberts / Director: John Madden

Joanna McCallum as Camilla
Fabia Drake as Frances
Trevor Eve as Richard
Fulton Mackay as Morgan Beddoes
John Price as Arthur
Elizabeth Richardson as Liz
Edmund Kente as Hotel Owner
Carmel McSharry as Mrs. Mortimer
John Croft
Helen Masters as Margie


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