Writing on the Wall, The (BBC 1996, Bill Paterson, Celia Imrie)

Thriller serial The Writing on the Wall focused on a government agent who got involved in a kidnap and conspiracy involving NATO.

production details
UK | BBC-1

RUNNING TIME: 50 minutes | NUMBER OF EPISODES: 4 | Broadcast 21-29 July 1996

WRITER: P.G. Duggan | PRODUCER: Johnathan Cavendish | DIRECTOR: Peter Smith

Bill Paterson as Bull
Celia Imrie as Kirsty
Dennis Haysbert as Sullivan
Lena Stolze as Martina
Daniel Von Bargen as Rockwell
Penny Johnson as Geraldine
Herbert Knaup as Lopahkin
Daniele Legler as Fustenberg
William H. Macy as Petrocelli
Malcolm Sinclair as Frobisher
Hans Martin Stier as Malenkov
Jean Badin as Godchot
Edward Wiley as Hunsacker
Raymond Pickard as Wim
Lutz Reichert as Ruppert
David Gilliam as Branson