Young Marrieds (ABC 1965-1966 with Lee Meriwether and Michael Mikler)

USA / ABC / x30 minute episodes / Broadcast 5 October 1964 – 25 March 1966 Mondays – Fridays at 3.30pm Black and white

Supposedly set in the suburbs of the same town as General Hospital, which preceded it daily. The Young Marrieds concentrated on several newlyweds and their early marital difficulties.

The most volatile were the bickering Reynolds. Ann was jealous of husband Walters work with models Jill and Carol and desired more from the world, from money to self-worth (“I want a purpose in life,” she once said).

The two began divorce proceedings in June 1965, and Walter started seeing Carol. But when the show ended, a guilty Walter was standing on a cliff contemplating suicide, though producers had planned for him to be saved by Carol’s devotion and then return to Ann.

Then there were Liz and Matt, who had to deal with their mothers’ interference with their courtship and marriage. Matt, for example, fretted that he owed his job at Forsyth Industries to his mother-in-law Irenes machinations. (In his 1989 autobiography It Would Be So Nice If You Weren’t Here, Charles Grodin, who played Matt in 1964—65, recalled that he and Ted Knight, who played his boss, regularly broke up laughing while taping their roles and had a hard time completing lines.)

The other main couple was the Garretts, who eventually fought to take custody of Jerry Karr (Susans son) away from Lena and Roy.
Others entangled in the melodrama were Jimmy and Buzz, who found themselves sentenced for misdeeds to the chagrin of Buzz’s parents, the Kormans; Gillespie, a lawyer helping Buzz who ended up romancing Jill; and Aunt Alex.

Michael Mikler
Lee Meriwether
Susan Brown
Paul Picerni
Peggy McCay
Scott Graham
Charles Grodin
Floy Dean
Irene Hervey
Constance Moore
Maria Palmer
Ted Knight
Pat Rossen
Norma Connolly
Barry Russo
Betty Connor
Brenda Benet
Ken Metcalf
Les Brown Jr
Frank Maxwell
Maxine Stuart
Susan Seaforth Hayes
Irene Tedrow
Robert Hogan


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