You’re Never Too Old (ITV 1977, Frank Carson, Lena Zavaroni)

You're Never Too Old ITV 1977

You’re Never Too Old was a one off entertainment/variety show in which a number of middle of the road stars such as the Bachelors, Frank Carson, Hope and Kenn and Lena Zavaroni make ample use of latex to pretend that they are in their dotage and still performing.

The Bachelors
Lena Zavaroni
Frank Carson
Hope and Keen
The Norman Maen Dancers
Jack Parnell and his Orchestra.

crew details
Writer: Bryan Blackburn
Music: Derek Scott
Production Design: Paul Dean
Producer and Director: Colin Clews

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: ITV – ATV
Duration: 1×50 minute episode
Aired From: Wednesday 1 June 1977 at 8.00pm

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