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Baal to Barlow at Large – The UK TV Drama Guide

The UK TV Drama Guide

All dramas starting with the letter B. This is part one and takes you from Baal to Barlow at Large.

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BBC1 / 1×63 minute episode / Broadcast 29 March 1982

Translated by John Willett / Adaptation: John Willett, Alan Clarke / Script Editor: Stuart Griffiths / Producer: Louis Marks / Directed by Alan Clarke

Sinister drama about Baal a ruthlessly immoral singer in Germany before the Second World War.

David Bowie as Baal / Robert Austin as The Coal Merchant / Russell Wooton as Piller / Julian Wadham as Johannes / Wally Thomas as First Cab Driver / Roy Evans as Second Cab Driver / Michael Miller as Horgauer / Sylvia Brayshay as Louise / Tracey Childs as Johanna / Paola Dionisotti as Porter’s Wife / Zoë Wanamaker as Sophie / Polly James as Soubrette



Granada Men and Motors (Pay TV) / 7x30minute episodes 1×60 minute episode / 1999 (Final episode: Wednesday 15 December – 11.30pm )

Music: Rob and Alan Fennah / Producer: Ninushka Oller Stracey

Entertainment. A late night show presented by George Wright, Dillon Hopkins and Karen White from various regions around the UK in which various contenders tried to win through to become Granada’s babe of the Millenium. Winner was Marina Hinchcliff.



BBC2 / 12x40m / 2001,2002

Producer: Anne Edyvean

Drama about four black male friends and the women in their lives.
Based on a novel by Patrick Augustus

With:- DON GILET as Johnny / DAVID HAREWOOD as Gus / FRASER JAMES as Linvall / WIL JOHNSON as Beres / ANGELA GRIFFIN as Chantelle / DIANE PARISH as Lesley



BBC (Comedy Playhouse) / 1x25m-e / 1963 26 Oct – Sat 9.45pm

Writer: John Freeman / Producer: Douglas Moodie

Comedy. Two young girls about town share a flat.

With:- TRACY REED as Sally / ANNA PALK as Joan / EDWARD FOX as Peter



ITV (Granada) / 1×60 minute episode / Wednesday 14 April 1965 @ 9.40pm / black and white

Producer: John Hamp / Director: Philip Casson

One off light entertainment special starring hip composer Burt Bacharach, recorded at Granada’s own Chelsea Palace studio, Bacharach’s guests were Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, The Searchers, The Merseybeats and Chuck Jackson.



ITV Network-TVS-Citadel / 1x105m-e / 1989

Writer: David Attwood / Novel: Michelle Magorian / Music: Ilona Sekacz / Design: Tim Hutchinson / Costume Design: Jenny Beavan / Executive Producers: Graham Benson, David R. Ginsburg, Maureen Harter / Producer: J. Nigel Pickard / Director: Piers Haggard

Period drama. At the end of world war II, a young girl returns to England after five years in America as an Evacuee and has trouble adjusting to her new way of life. In 2001 ITV remade the production, see below.

With:- Hayley Mills as Mrs. Peggy Dickinson / Hayley Carr as Virginia “Rusty” Dickinson / Adam Stevenson as Charles “Charlie” Dickinson / Brenda Bruce as The Honourable Lady Beatrice “Beattie” Langley / Jean Anderson as Grandmother Dickinson / Rupert Frazer as Mr. Roger Dickinson / Josh Drobnyk as Skeet / Michael Clark as Uncle Bruno / Mary Ellen Ray as Aunt Hannah / Christine Moore as Ambulance Driver / Juliette Fleming as Beth / Vaughan Sivell as Harry / Sarah Wynter as Mrs. Hatherley / Joan Byett as School Prefect / Carol Gillies as Headmistress



ITV Network-Strand Productions / 1x120m-e / 2001

Writers: Geoff Deane, Brian Finch, Philip Palmer / Novel: Michelle Magorian / Music: Carl Davis / Design: Donal Woods / Costume Design: Jo Rainforth / Executive Producers: Geoff Deane and Jim Reeve / Producer: Mia Jupp

Period drama about a WVS lady who is reunited with her daughter after the war and then reunited with her husband, returning from active service. She has been having a nice time of it during the war, working as a driver and living in a run down manor house in Devon. Her husband, Roger, who is a banker and conservative by nature, finds he cannot adjust to life after the war and their marriage breaks down. The production was previously mounted by ITV in 1989, see above for details.

With:- Sarah Lancashire as Peggy Dickinson / Stephanie Cole as The Honourable Lady Beatrice ‘Beattie’ Langley / Jessica Fox as Virginia ‘Rusty’ Dickinson / Kate David as Molly / Skye King as Charlie Dickinson / Kaye Wragg as Ivy / Jack Pierce as Mitch / Martin Ball as Frank / Rosemary Leach as Mrs. Dickinson / Jenny Higham as Judith Penfold / Joan Blackham as Miss Bembridge / Adrian Lukis as Roger Dickinson / Danny Worters as Bob Stephens / Jeremy Peters as Mr. Stephens / David Kincaid as Ticket Clerk



BBC1 / 1x75m-e 11x50m-e / 1995/97

Creator: Roy Mitchell, Nigel McCrery / Producer: Hilary Salmon / Costume: Sally Pearson / Titles: Lynda Sherwood-Page / Script Editors: Clare Elliott(season 1), Andrew Clifford(season 2)/ Police Consultant: Philip Fenerty / Music: John Lunn / Executive Producers: Chris Parr, Caroline Oulton(season 1), Tony Virgo, Julian Murphy(Season 2)

Crime drama series. Cases of a group of coppers working in an Operational Support Unit.

With:- MARTIN TROAKES as Sgt Bill Parkin(Sarge) / JAMES GADDAS as PC Jim Reaper(season 2) / KATRINA LEVON as PC Gill Copson(Dippy) / NICK MILES as PC John Barrett(Thug) / WILLIAM TAPLEY as PC Lionel Adams(Oz) / CHRISTOPHER JOHN HALL as PC Eric Warren(Token) / ALEX NORTON as PC Ian Macrae(Jock) / CULUM MacPHERSON as PC Roger Tennant(Flub) / COLETTE KOO as PC Susan Li(Bruce) / OLIVER MILBURN as PC Wayne Cheetham(Bog) / WAYNE MORRIS as Insp Harlow(Jean) / PETER SULLIVAN as D.I. Overton / SAM COX as Supt Hallsworth / SUZAN CROWLEY as D.C.I. Chivers / CHRISTOPHER QUINN as PC Goole



BBC2 / 1x60m-e / 1990

Writer: Biyu Bandele-Thomas / Producer: Gub Neal / Director: Andy Wilson

Thriller. Paul, an underworld hitman, recruits his childhood friend AD on his latest job, but the hit goes wrong.




BBC1 / 6x30m-e / 1996 29 May – 15 July

Creator: Ian Pattison / Producer: Colin Gilbert, Tom Kinnimont

Comedy drama series. The adventures of a cockney wideboy stranded in Glasgow’s gangland. There was a pilot broadcast 10 Jan 1995(1x50m-e).

With:- KARL HOWMAN as Wayne Todd / FREDDIE BOARDLEY as Fraser Hood / ALEX NORTON as Malky ‘Tissue’ Mulhernen / ASHLEY JENSON as Morag Hood / ALINE MOWAT as Betty Hood / SALLY HOWITT as Maureen



BBC2 / 2x90m-e / 1993

Writer: Don Shaw / Director: David Drury

Drama serial. A dramatisation of the Carl Bridgewater case of the late 1970’s, and the appeals and rooftop protests etc of the following years.

With:- SUSAN WOOLDRIDGE as Ann Whelan / JONNY LEE MILLER as Michael Hickey / KEN STOTT as Joe Hickey / MARK DREWRY as Vincent Hickey / ANGUS DEAYTON as Paul Foot / GEORGE IRVING as James Robinson



Yorkshire TV / 1x30m-e / 1974

Design: Colin Pigott / Director: Paddy Russell

Comedy. A ballet critic hits trouble over one of his reviews.

Eric Badger/Dr Badger…………….. JULIAN ORCHARD

Natasha Karavanovna……………… GWEN TAYLOR

Mrs Badger…………………………… BERYL COOKE



BBC-2 / 1×75 minute episodes / Broadcast 15 July 1992

Writer: Guy Hibbert / Producers: David Thompson and Josephine Ward / Director: George Case

Series: Screenplay / Season 7 Episode 3

Drama. A young single parent faces a desperate battle to prove to the authorities that she is a fit parent.

Jane Horrocks as Maggie Hunt / Lesley Manville as Penny Armitage / Nicholas Woodeson as Geoff Harris / Tom Beard as Dave Gregg / Todd Boyce as Martin / David Bradley as Mr Preach / Carol Macready as Mrs Western



ITV – Granada / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 22 February 1976

Writer: Neville Smith / Production Design: Mike Grimes / Producer: Michael Dunlop / Director: Michael Grigsby

Series: Red Letter Day / Season 1 Episode 6

Drama. A young Catholic prepares for his ordination as a priest.

Neville Smith as Tony Scannell / Peter Kerrigan as James Scannell / Gladys Ambrose as Amelia Scannell / Jimmy Coleman as Brendan Scannell / Bill Dean as Teddy Kavanagh / Alison Steadman as Margaret / Alison Chantler as Kathleen / Mike Hayden as Bishop / Ernie Mack as Father Roll / Eric Mason as Monsignor / Tommy Roby as Senior Priest / Sue Cornell as Girl Student



ATV / 6x25m-e / 1967* 22 September – 25 October Wednesdays 9.00pm

Writer: David Cumming / Producer: Alan Tarrant

Six single comedies with a resident cast who were:- Joe Baker, Brian Murphy, Toni Palmer, John Carlin, Mollie Peters, and Charles Lloyd Pack. *The final episode was shown after a gap of nine years on 28 Sep 1976.



BBC-RTE / 1x60m-e / 1982

Writer: William Trevor / Director: Kenith Trodd

Drama. An ageing couple pay a visit to the rural dance hall where they first met.

Brenda Fricker as Bridie / John Kavanagh as Bowser Egan / Mick Lally as Dano Ryan / Brid Brennan as Patty Byrne / Ingrid Craigie as Eenie Mackie / Niall Toibin as Eyes Horgan / Joe Pilkington as Tim Daly / Cyril Cusack as Mr. Dwyer / Pat Leavy as Madge Dowding / Robert Carrickford as Fogarty / May Ollis as Mrs. Dwyer / Anita Reeves as Cat Bolger / Brendan Conroy as Dan / Sonny McNulty as Bridie’s father / Patrick Gallagher as Man with long arms



BBC1 / 1x90m-e / 1994

Writer: Colin Welland / Music: Stephen Warbeck / Design: Roger Cann / Producer: Kenith Trodd /Director: Edward Bennett

Drama. A woman battles to adopt a child from the third world when she learns she is unable to have children of her own.

Julie Walters as Alice / Georges Corraface as Jean-Paul / John McArdle as Harry / Orlando Urdaneta as Luis / Sophia Diaz as Pilar / Sophie De La Rochefoucauld as Nicole / Mirlady Valcillo as Chico (Venezuela) / Jacob Scipio as Chico (Europe) / Philippe Gonzales as Chico (Europe) / Roger Bret as Priest / Marcelle Ranson-Hervé as Stepmother / Colette Charbonneau as Veronique / Marianne Borgo as Banker / Don Crann as Psychologist / Joy Richardson as Angela



BBC2 ‘Scene’ / 1x30m-e / 1972

Writer: Colin Welland / Director: Ronald Smedley

Drama. Two hells angels go to the coast on bank holiday intent on causing trouble. Scene was actually a very long running Children’s Schools TV anthology series that tried to feature dramas relevant to teenagers, occasionally high profile ones would get a repeat prime time showing.




ITV Network-Carlton(for Comedy Firsts) / 1x30m-e / 1995

Director: Les Chatfield / Executive Producer: Paul Spencer / Producer: Mark Bussell

Comedy. Misadventures of a middle aged busybody. A pilot that eventually became a series four years later.

GWEN TAYLOR as Barbara Liversage / SAM KELLY as Ted Liversage / SHIRLEY ANNE FIELD as Jean / CAROLINE MILMOE as Linda Benson / GLEN DAVIES as Martin Benson



ITV Network-Yorkshire TV / 1x60m-e / 1996

Writer: Ken Blakeson / Producer: Mark Redhead / Director: Paul Unwin

Comedy drama. Five ex-Yorkshire pitmen fallen on hard times become male strippers. Shown before the Full Monty hit the cinemas.

Eamon Boland as Ralph / Joe Duttine as Steven / John Michie as Barry / Paul Rider as Spuggy / William Ash as Tony / Barry Stanton as Wilf / Polly Hemingway as Cynthia / Olga Grahame as Mavis / Sandra Voe as Beryl / John Forgeham as Big Vinnie / Caroline Loncq as Sonia / Lucy Pargeter as Dawn / Bobby Knutt as Drag Queen / Kathryn Allerston as Caroline / Jade Lindley as Mary / Kay Berriman as Donna



BBC-1 / 30×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1971-1975

Creator: Elwyn Jones / Executive Producer: Leonard Lewis

Crime drama series. Spin off from Z Cars and Softly Softly. Police Officer Charlie Barlow finds himself working in Whitehall as part of the Police Research Services Branch. From 1974-75 the series title was simply Barlow.

STRATFORD JOHNS as Det Ch Supt Charlie Barlow / NEIL STACY as A.G. Fenton / NORMAN COMER as Det Sgt David Rees / DEREK NEWARK as Det Insp Tucker (Barlow)

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