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All dramas starting with the letter B. This is part two and takes you from Barmitzvah Boy to Beauty.

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BBC-1 / 1x75m-e / Broadcast 14 September 1976 @ 9.35pm

Writer: Jack Rosenthal / Script Editor: Colin Tucker | Photography: Elmer Cossey | Design: Geoffrey Patterson | Costume Design: George Ward | Producer: Graeme McDonald / Director: Michael Tuchner

Drama. A young Jewish boy struggles to cope with the pressures leading up to his Barmitzvah. Jack Rosenthal, who wrote the script, as always had a fantastic reputation for comedy dramas on middle class often Jewish life and this is widely regarded as one of his best. There was a repeat showing 23 June 1997.

With:-JEREMY STEYN as Eliot Green / MARIA CHARLES as Rita Green / BERNARD SPEAR as Victor Green / ADRIENNE POSTA as Lesley Green / CYRIL SHAPS as Grandad Wax / JONATHAN LYNN as Harold / JACK LYNN as Rabbi Sherman / PAMELA MANSON as Sylvia / HARRY LANDIS as Sylvia / KIM CLIFFORD as Denise



BBC2 / 1x30m-e / 1985 3 April – Wednesday 9.45

Writer: Doris Richards, Allen Saddler, / Producer: Harold Snoad

Comedy. A barber who used to run an upmarket salon in the West End of London now runs a lowly shop in the East End.

With:- DONALD CHURCHILL as Maurice Barnet / PATRICK CARGILL as Clive Parmenter / TONI PALMER as Phoebe / SARAH WEBB as Petal



ITV Network-ITC / 30x30m-e / 1965

Creator/Producer: Monty Berman, Robert Baker / Script Editor: Terry Nation / Theme Music:Edwin Astley

Action adventure series. Back in the 1960’s the ITC action adventure series were the most glamorous shows on TV, shot on film, in colour and usually with a well known American in the lead they were definitely a cut above your run of the mill plays and kitchen sink dramas that were clogging up the airwaves. The Baron, made in 1966, is no exception, starring red haired yank Steve Forrest as John Mannering , supposedly an intiques expert with shops in London, Washington and Paris but in reality an agent working for the secret service specialising in crimes involving valuable antiquities. Mannering was known as The Baron thanks to a huge family ranch back in Texas (The character was created by crime novelist John Creasey although in his stories Mannering is English). Like all good crime drama shows of the sixties (bar The Saint) Mannering needed a glamorous sidekick, here played by Crossroads alumni Sue Lloyd, she played Cordelia Winfield (named after the Aussie cigarette brand of course 😉 who was on secondment from Special Branch’s Diplomatic Service. The real star of the show though would have to be The Baron’s awesome Jenson (number plate BAR 1).

It’s a nicely entertaining series though and watch out for some famous names in guest roles including the likes of John Thaw, Peter Wyngarde, Peter Bowles, George Baker, Jeremy Brett and Edward Woodward.

With:- STEVE FORREST as John Mannering / SUE LLOYD as Cordelia Winfield / COLIN GORDON as Templeton-Green / PAUL FERRIS as David Marlowe



BBC1 (Drama Playhouse) / 1x50m-e / 1969 Thursday 17-Jul-1969 / 8.00pm

Writer: Max Marquis / Design: Roy Oxley / Producer: Peter Alexander / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Drama. Barrister Percy Brent is asked by his daughter to defend her lover, however Brent severely dislikes the man. This was the first Drama Playhouse production, a pilot for a series that never happened. It was subtitled Winner Take Nothing.

With:- EDWARD CHAPMAN as Percy Brent / SHEILA FEARN as Catherine / JOHN MOORE as Eric Moore / BRIAN BLESSED as Tom Gardner / ILONA RODGERS as Jane Paston / JOHN CARLISLE as Victor / JOY SHELTON as Mrs Trevelyan / MARY MILLER as Anna / NEAL ARDEN as Captain Putts / GEOFFREY SUMNER as Dr Packard / MICHAEL BEINT as Detective Inspector Chester / KYNASTON REEVES as Judge / NOEL JOHNSON as Grenville / NORMAN ATKYNN as Usher / ALEX GALLIER as Clerk of the Court / PHILIP HOWARD as Foreman / PHILIPPA URQUHART as Policewoman / PAMELA PITCHFORD as Lena Dwyer



BBC-1 / 1×55 / Broadcast 20 February 1967

Writer: Harold Pinter / Producer: Michael Bakewell / Director: Charles Jarrott

Series: Theatre 625

Drama. The strange relationship between two men who share both a basement flat and a young woman.

Derek Godfrey as Law / Harold Pinter as Stott / Kika Markham as Jane



ATV / 1x90m-e 3x60m-e / 1978

Creator: Roy Clarke / Writers: Roy Clarke, Ian Lindsay, Phil Redmond / Producer/Director: Dennis Vance

Comedy drama serial. Middle aged, debt ridden Jazz musician George Manghan, falls in love with the wealthy and much younger Terry much to the distress of her father. The three part serial was preceded by a 90 minute play (reflected above). The three episodes were titled Rondo, Allegro and Andante.




BBC2 ‘Francis Durbridge Presents’ / 5x50m-e / 1967 black and white

Writer: Francis Durbridge / Design: Roy Oxley / Producer: Alan Bromly

Thriller serial. A couple embarking on a foreign holiday find themselves caught up in a wave of terror and intrigue.

With:- NOEL JOHNSON as Geoffrey Stewart / SYLVIA SYMS as Diana / JOHN THAW as Mark / DUDLEY FOSTER as Inspector Clay



BBC-1 / 1×80 minute episode / Broadcast 31 March 1981

Writer: Andrew Davies / Producer: Louis Marks / Director: Jack Gold

Series: Play For Today | Season 11 Episode 22

Drama. Events at a school parents evening begin to get out of hand. Dream team of writer Davies and director Gold teamed with a fabulous cast make this a real gem.

Bob Peck as Joe Pike / Sarah Badel as Alice Pike / Gawn Grainger as Tim Forrest / Barrie Rutter as Godfrey Rigg / Christine Hargreaves as Estelle Parsons / Allan Surtees as Fred Foleshill / Brian Protheroe as Hans / Michael Parkhouse as Carl / Liza Hayden as Florence / Bert Crome as Otto / Julian Littman as Robert / Phil Langham as Heinrich / Kristopher Kum as Mr Chin / Pamela Ah-Young as Su Chin / Kris Emmerson as Chinny / Malcolm Terris as Jim / Arwen Holm as Arlene / Jack Chissick as Little Man / Karen Craig as Little Man’s Wife / Noel Collins as Phil / Gary Olsen as Youth



BBC / 1980 – continuing

The BBC have actually been running this annual appeal since 1927, first on the radio and it’s first short television slot in 1956. Since 1980 the event has occupied a substantial part of the BBC’s output each third Friday in November. Terry Wogan has hosted since 1980 along with Sue Lawley, Esther Rantzen, Sue Cook, Joanna Lumley and Gaby Roslin. The shows mascot is Pudsey Bear. A large proportion of money raised is from private individuals rather than corporations, what’s great about the event is not only does it raise huge sums of money for charity but it also enables us to see well known celebrities making fools of themselves, one memorable occasion saw a lot of money being raised to persuade Joanna Lumley to strip down to her underwear. The first show on radio back in 1927 raised 1000 pounds whilst the first TV production managed to raise over a million. Latterly the events have been raising at least 20 million pounds plus each year.



9 February 2003 / starting 7:00pm

The first night of a new digital channel aimed at an audience between the ages of 20 and 40 or for those who would like to be. The channel replaced BBC Choice and inherited some of that channels programmes. But BBC3 has a requirement to have more original programming than Choice did. The first 2 hours were simulcast on BBC2. A selection of the best of BBC3 is shown late night of BBC1 for the benefit of those without digital reception.

BBC3 Launch Night Programmes (also on BBC2)

Johnny Vaughan Tonight – a live edition of his chat show

Re:Covered – a music show presented by Dermot O’Leary in which showcase their original work and cover of a well known hit.

Little Britain – a sketch based comedy show satirising modern life. With Matt Lucas and David Walliams. This was the pilot edition with a full series to follow in the future.

The remainder of the evening was on BBC3 only

Paul and Pauline Calf’s Cheese and Ham Sandwich – Comedy with Steve Coogan playing both Paul and his sister Pauline.

Body Hits – Documentary about the science behind our social lives

This Is Dom Joly – chat show

Burn It – First of a 10-part drama series about twenty-somethings. See separate entry.

Liquid News – Celebrity news

Monkey Dust – Animated comedy sketches

3 Non Blondes – Hidden camera show with Tameka Empson, Jocelyn Lee Elson and Ninia Benjamin out and about spoofing the public.



BBC2 / 7:00pm – midnight / 2 March 2002

BBC4, a digital channel devoted to cultural achievement, encompassing documentary, music, theatre and international cinema. The launch night was simulcast on BBC2. NOTE: BBC4 launched before the proposed BBC3 channel.

The launch night programmes were as follows:-

The Man Who Destroyed Everything:– Documentary about artist Michael Landy who in February 2001 set about destroying all his worldly possessions

BBC4 News:- Presented by George Alagiah and Kirsty Young

Goya: Crazy Like A Genius:- Documentary exploring the life and work of 19th century Spanish artist Francisco de Goya

Surrealissimo:– Comedy drama about a mock trial of Salvador Dali. See separate entry for full details.

The Gist:- Spoof arts magazine from the creator of People Like Us. Starring Emma Fielding as Harriet Gould and Robert Webb as Paul Ashdown – the hosts of the show.  Director:- John Morton, Producer: Paul Schlesinger.

Concert:- Senegal’s Baaba Maal and his Dande Lenol band



BBC / x30 minute episodes / 9 November 1997 – continuing

A BBC News channel dedicated to the news, initially the channel was only available to cable TV subscribers and then in 1998 to satellite TV viewers also, the channel is now able to be received by anyone with access to digital TV. The channel is also seen on BBC-1 and BBC-2 when those channels are “off-air”. Gavin Esler was the first presenter, his first words being “Hello, and welcome for the first time to BBC News 24”. Audiences to News 24 coverage reached an all-time high during the War in Iraq. With simulcasting on BBC One and BBC Two, the service was watched by 23 million people on one day alone. The three main BBC News bulletins (One O’Clock, Six O’Clock and Ten O’Clock) are also simulcast on News 24. The channel received a lot of criticism at first but has since come of age winning the news channel of the year award at the television journalism awards on 22 February 2006.

See also BBC Television News | BBC One O’Clock News | BBC Six O’Clock News | BBC Nine O’Clock News | BBC Ten O’Clock News | BBC Regional News | 50 Years of BBC News



BBC / 14 September 1970 – 15 October 2000

Nightly news summary. For 30 years the BBC’s flagship evening news show and pretty much a continuation of BBC Television News. The thirty minute news bulletin was first presented by Robert Dougal, the many changes over the years included the appointment in 1975 of the first woman presenter, Angela Rippon. Later additions saw the arrival of John Humphrys and John Simpson. It was a Nine O’Clock news report that perhaps had more repercussions than any other. It was Michael Buerk’s report of the Ethiopia famine that inspired Bob Geldof to organise Live Aid. Another tumultuous change took place on October 16th, 2000. After 30 years in the nine pm slot, BBC One’s main late evening bulletin moved to Ten O’Clock. The BBC Ten O’Clock bulletin has been presented by Huw Edwards and Fiona Bruce.



BBC / x30 minute episodes / 27 October 1986 – continuing

The BBC’s half hour lunch news bulletin is the most watched lunchtime news show, for many years Martyn Lewis was the main newsreader and whilst it doesn’t offer too much different in the way of content to the main late evening news it does tend to a slightly lighter tone at times. Jill Dando was also a newsreader for the show for most of the nineties until her murder in 1999. Sophie Raworth took over as anchor after Anna Ford broadcast her final edition on 27 April 2006.

Main presenters have been Martyn Lewis (1986-99) | Jill Dando (1993-99) | Anna Ford (1991-1996, 2000-2006) | Andrew Harvey (1991-1996) | Philip Hayton | Triona Holden (1993-1996) | Edward Stourton(1993-1999)
Regular new presenters include Sophie Raworth, Darren Jordon, Jane Hill and Sian Williams.

John Simpson is been world affairs editor of the show.

The weather forecast which has always been a part of the show (usually the last five minutes) has been presented by the likes of Michael Fish (1986-2004) | Ian McCaskill (1986-1998) | Bernard Davey (1987-1993) | Penny Tranter (1992-) |Isobel Lang (1995-) | Helen Willetts (1997-) | Carol Kirkwood (1998-) | Darren Bett (1997-) | Daniel Corbett (1997-2000) (2004-) | Alex Deakin (2000-)




The BBC have always had a policy of opting out for local or regional news bulletins, in the sixties Nationwide sought to bring all of the different regions together but since the demise of that hour long show each region, usually after the main six o’clock evening news, has their own half hour news round up show. All of the regions (apart from BBC Points West) share the same title music.

The regional shows include:-

BBC East Midlands Today (1991 – continuing) This show grew out of the Birmingham centric Midlands Today (which now focuses on the West Midlands). Key presenters have been Anne Davies (since 2001), Kathy Rochford, Janet Mayo and Quentin Raynor. The area covers Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Southern Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.
BBC London (2001 – continuing) Originally known as BBC LDN the show came into being when the region split from BBC South East on 1 October 2001. Main presenters have included Emily Maitlis, Asad Ahmad, Matt Barbet, Riz Lateef, Mike Ramsden and Louisa Preston.
BBC Look East covers Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire and Suffolk and presenters have included Stewart White , Susie Fowler-Watt, Carol Bundock and Helen Morton
BBC Look North actually three separate Regional shows
1. Covers East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and began on 11 November 2002. Before that date viewers in these areas were served by Look North from Leeds. Main presenters have been Peter Levy, Lisa Gallagher (weather) and Jenny Hill.
2. Covers North East and Cumbria this version of Look North began in 1964 and for a long time was hosted by Mike Neville (who stayed with the show for years before being poached by ITV’s Tyne Tees in 1996), the show was originally called Home at Six (in 1963) and was hosted by Frank Bough who quickly left to become one of the BBC’s major sports presenters. Other presenters have included Carol Malia, John Lawrence and Wendy Gibson.
3. covers Yorkshire and North Midlands and began on 25 March 1968, presenters have included Christina Ackroyd (from 3 September 2001 – ), Clare Frisby, Philip Hayton and Harry Gration (most of the 1980’s and 1990’s). Sophie Raworth (now one of the BBC’s main news anchors) was also a presenter between 1995 and 1997.
BBC Newsroom South East (March 1989 – 2001) covered south east England and was cancelled when the BBC split the region into BBC London and BBC South East. Main presenters have included Mike Embley, Gwenan Edwards, Gillian Joseph, Tim Donovan, Heather Lima and sports presenter Rob Curling.
BBC North West Tonight covers Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and the Isle of Man. Initially another of the shows called Look North and then in 1980 Look North West then News Northwest in 1981 but settling on North West Tonight in 1984. Presenters have included Stuart Hall, David Davies and Philip Hayton as well as the Krypton Factor’s Gordon Burns.
BBC Points West covers Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire and from June 1991 to 22 May 2000 the show was named BBC News West (it’s also the only regional show to have its own individual theme music), presenters have included Michael Buerk, Chris Vacher, Alex Lovell and Amanda Parr.
BBC South East Today covers Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Essex. Launched on 3 September 2001 the shows roots were in BBC Newsroom Southeast. Presenters have included Laurie Mayer, Geoff Clark and Beverley Thompson.
BBC South Today covers Dorset, Hampshire, The Isle of Wight and West Sussex as well as parts of Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Wiltshire. A long runner (began in the early 1970’s) and presenters have included Sally Taylor, Roger Finn, Bruce Parker, Caroline Richardson and Pauline Brandt.
BBC Spotlight covers Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, and Somerset as well as a special Channel Islands version of the show. The show began in 1961 and was known as South West at Six. Presenters have included Teresa Driscoll, Juliet Morris, Christopher Slade and Julia Peet.
BBC Wales Today covers Wales and began broadcasting in 1962. Presenters have included Jamie Owen and Sara Edwards.



BBC-1 / x30 minute episodes / September 1984 – continuing

The second of the BBC’s main channel daily half hour news bulletins, again it doesn’t offer much different in the way of actual news covered to the other bulletins.

Main presenters have been Nicholas Witchell (1984-1989) | Sue Lawley (1984-1988) | Peter Sissons | Moira Stuart | Huw Edwards (1999-2002) |Sian Williams (1999-) | Fiona Bruce (1999-2002) | Dermot Murnaghan (2002-) | Sophie Raworth (2002-2006) | George Alagiah (2002-) | Mary Rhodes (Sports report 2002 -)



BBC / 5 July 1954-70

Nightly news summary, the early news readers were Kenneth Kendall, Robert Dougall and Richard Baker but until September of 1955 the newsreaders were not actually allowed in vision. Richard Baker was the first to announce the news although John Snagge actually read the bulk of the news items. Kenneth Kendall was the first in vision news reader; The show ran for 22 minutes initially. By 14 September 1970 the news was re-badged as the BBC Nine O’Clock News and run as one of the flagship primetime shows.



BBC-1 / x30 minute episodes / 16 October 2000 – continuing

When the ITV Network scrapped their long running news at ten bulletin the BBC decided to take advantage and move their evening bulletin from Nine to Ten, this also allowed them to run big productions straight through the evening rather than having them split by the news as before. The first newsreaders were Michael Buerk and Peter Sissons but they were replaced by Huw Edwards and Fiona Bruce in 2003. The Sunday evening bulletin runs for 15 minutes.

Main presenters have been Michael Buerk (2000-2003) | Peter Sissons (2000 – 2003) | Huw Edwards (2003-) | Fiona Bruce (2003- ) | George Alagiah (2000-) | Darren Jordon (2003-) | Jon Sopel | Natasha Kaplinsky (Sunday Presenter 2004-)

The following have also been regulars on the show Jennie Bond (Royal Correspondent 2000-2003) | Tom Coulter Northern Ireland Correspondent 2000-2002) | Frank Gardner (Security Correspondent 2003-) | Gavin Hewitt ( Special Correspondent ) | Andrew Marr (Political Editor 2000-2005) | Stephen Sackur (Washington correspondent ) | John Simpson (World Affairs Editor) | Sue Thearle (Sports Correspondent 2004-)



BBC / 1978-85

Producers: Cedric Messina, Jonathan Miller, Shaun Sutton

An attempt to stage all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays to form a definitive canon of his work, however the attempt lacked cohesion as the plays were filmed in such a wide variety of styles, with some shot on film, some studio bound etc. The casts though featured the cream of British acting talent including John Gielgud, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, James Bolam, Timothy West, and Virginia McKenna. see individual entries for more details. An alphabetical listing of the plays produced:- ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL(1980) / ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (1981) / AS YOU LIKE IT(1979) / CYMBELINE(1983) / HAMLET(1980) / HENRY II (1979) / HENRY IV Parts 1&2(1979) / HENRY V(1979) / HENRY VI Parts 1-3(1983) / JULIUS CAESAR(1979) / KING LEAR(1982) / MACBETH (1983)/ MEASURE FOR MEASURE(1978) / THE MERCHANT OF VENICE(1980) / THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR / A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM / MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING(1984) / OTHELLO(1980) / PERICLES, PRINCE OF TYRE(1984) / RICHARD II(1978) / RICHARD III (1982) / ROMEO AND JULIET(1978) / THE TAMING OF THE SHREW(1980) / THE TEMPEST(1980) / TIMON OF ATHENS(1981) / TITUS ANDRONICUS(1985) / THE TRADEGY OF CORIALANUS(1984) / TROILUS AND CRESSIDA(1981) / TWELFTH NIGHT(1980) / THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA(1984) / THE WINTERS TALE



BBC-1 / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 21 June 1968 black and white

Writers: Pip and Jane Baker / Novel:Nicholas Blake / Producer: Verity Lambert / Director: Tina Wakerell

Series: Detective / Season 2 Episode 6

Crime drama. A murder is investigated by dapper detective Nigel Strangeways.

Bernard Horsfall as Nigel Strangeways / Richard Hurndall as General Shrivenham / Catherine Lacey as Mrs Rattery / Francis Matthews as George Rattery / Andrew Downie as Felix Lane / Jennifer Stirling as Merrett / Christine Finn as Violet Rattery / Claire Nielson as Lena Lawson / Simon Turner as Phil Rattery / Yvonne Gilan as Georgia Strangeways / Robert James as Chief Inspector Blount / Edgar Wreford as Carfax



BBC ‘The Wednesday Play’ / 1x75m-e / 1968 black and white

Writer: Dennis Potter / Director: Graeme McDonald / Producer: Kenith Trodd / Costume Design: June Wilson

Period drama. In the 1830’s an innocent bear has to pay the penalty for a crime that was committed by the simple member of a small village. Set in Potter’s own Forest of Dean, the tale is supposedly based on an old legend of the area.

With:- Patrick Barr as Joe / Denis Carey as Ebenezer / Laurence Carter as Micky Teague / Madeleine Newbury as Joan Teague / Christian Rodska as Rufus / Geraldine Newman as Rebecca / Roger Gartland as Jack Hooper / Terence Sewards as Will / Anthony Andrews as Harry / Basil Henson as Inspector / Audine Leith as Nellie / Esther Lawrence as Mary / Llewellyn Rees as Arnold / Ron Eagleton as Policeman / Rica Fox as Organist / Rosalie Horner as Barmaid / Gina as Dancing Bear / Stephen Pudge as Boy 1 / Eddie Blow as Boy 2 / Kevin Toogood as
Boy 3 and The Berry Hill Silver Band



ITV Network -ATV / 6x60m-e / 1976 (Saturday 16 October – Saturday 20 November / All episodes broadcast at 9.30pm except episode one which went out at 9.00pm)

Writer: Nigel Kneale / Music: Derek Bourgeois / Producer: Nicholas Palmer

An anthology series of supernatural themed dramas from the pen of the creator of Quatermass. Beasts has a terrific reputation despite the fact that it has been barely seen since its original transmission. As usual with Nigel Kneale the productions had a big impact of viewers at home with scenes that have lived long in the memory. For more details see the episode guide here.

The plays were:- 1.SPECIAL OFFER, 2. DURING BARTY’S PARTY 3.BUDDY BOY, 4.BABY, 5. WHAT BIG EYES, 6. THE DUMMY The casts included the likes of Pauline Quirke, John Ryhs-Davies, Martin Shaw, Jane Wymark, Simon MacCorkindale, T P McKenna, Patrick Magee, Madge Ryan, Michael Kitchen, Simon Oates, Bernard Horsfall, Clive Swift and Glyn Houston.



BBC1 / 1x60m / 14 March 2005 / 2:05pm

Writer: Alison Hume / Producer/Director: Jon East

Drama. Young Jamie witnesses his father, an ex-boxer, punching his mother and believes he is beating her. But what he saw was the father finally retaliating after years of systematic abuse he had been suffering from her.

With:- ROBSON GREEN as Michael / SAIRA TODD as Stephanie / COREY J SMITH as Jamie / JUDITH BARKER as Nancy



BBC2 / x30m-e / 1964-65

Producer: Barry Langford

Music programme capitalising on the beat music explosion at the time. Introduced by Pat Campbell. The programme developed into Gadzooks! It’s All Happening.



BBC-1 / 8x30m-e / 1982 31 October -19 December

Writer: Alastair Bell / Novel:C.P. Wren / Visual Effects: Jim Francis / Producer: Barry Letts / Director: Douglas Camfield

Period action adventure serial. Life for the Geste brothers, members of the tough Foreign Legion in the 19th century.

Benedict Taylor as Beau Geste / Anthony Calf as Digby Geste / Jonathan Morris as John Geste / Stefan Gryff as Boldini / Julia Chambers as Claudia / Sally Baxter as Isobel / Philip Shelley as Augustus Brandon / Andrew Armour as recruiting sergeant major / Randal Herley as recruiting colonel / Terry Gurry as corporal / John Forgeham as Sergeant Major Lejeune / David Shawyer as Sergeant Major Dufour / John Repsch as corporal / John Patrick as Rastignac / Paul Hawkins as young Beau / Paul Critchley as young John / Robin Crane as young Digby / Sian Pattenden as young Isobel / Lucy Baker as young Claudia



ITV1 ‘Trapped’ / 1x60m / 11 September 2004

Writer: Simon Nye / Director: Ben Bolt / Producer: Margot Gavan Duffy

Drama. Tom Fitzhenry is a recluse whose unappealing looks have caused him to withdraw from society and live alone in his large manor house with just his two ageing servants for company. When extensive plumbing work is required the plumber and his beautiful daughter Cathy come to stay while the work is being carried out. Tom falls for Cathy and she in-turn sees past his physical appearance and brings him out of his shell. Martin Clunes wore prosthetics to ugly-up his appearance.

With:- MARTIN CLUNES as Tom Fitzhenry / SIENNA GUILLORY as Cathy / SAM KELLY as Bernard / CHRISTIAN SOLIMENO as Ryan / PETER VAUGHAN as Robbins

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