Alice (BBC-1 1965 with George Baker and Deborah Watling)

UK / BBC One / 1×78 minute episode / Broadcast 13 October 1965 black and white

Writer: Dennis Potter / Music: Peter Greenwell / Producer: James MacTaggart / Director:Gareth Davies

Series: The Wednesday Play / Season 2 Episode 1

Period drama. The story of how the Reverend Hodgson aka Lewis Carroll came to write Alice in Wonderland.

George Baker as Dodgson
Deborah Watling as Alice
Rosalie Crutchley as Mrs Liddell
David Langton as Dean Liddell
Tessa Wyatt as Lorina
Maria Coyne as Edith
Maurice Hedley as Macmillan
John Moffatt as Stotman
John Bailey as Mad Hatter
John Saunders as March Hare
Peter Partlett as Dormouse
Norman Scace as Mock Turtle
Frank Shelley as Gryphon
Keith Campbell as Caterpillar
Suzanne Vasey as Ellen
George Pensotti as John
John Steiner as Thornton
Tony Anholt as Hargreaves
Gareth Forwood as Baker
Sandy Blair as Pianist

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