Arnie (CBS 1970-1972, Herschal Bernardi, Sue Anne Langdon)

Arnie 1970

Sitcom Arnie Blue collar worker Arnie Nuvo is promoted to a white collar job, he is made Director of Product Improvement at the Continental Flange Factory.

Herschel Bernardi as Arnie Nuvo
Sue Ane Langdon as Lillian Nuvo
Roger Bowen as Hamilton Majors, Jr.
Stephanie Steele as Andrea Nuvo
Del Russell as Richard Nuvo
Herb Voland as Neil Olgilvie
Tom Pedi as Julius

crew details
Creator: David Swift
Producers: E. Duke Vincent, Bruce Johnson, David Swift

production details
Country: USA
Network: CBS – Twentieth Century Fox
Duration: 48×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1970-1972

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