Cade’s County (CBS 1971-1972 with Glenn Ford and Edgar Buchanan)

Crime drama series. Sheriff Sam Cade, working out of the town of Madrid, California (Madrid County was the setting for the series), was responsible for law enforcement throughout the county. He was assisted by veteran deputy J.J. Jackson and three younger deputies: Arlo, Rudy and Pete.

Early in the series, Joannie was the police dispatcher but was later replaced by Betty Ann, both of whom were American Indians. The role of Pete was played by Glenn Ford’s real-life son, Peter.

production details
USA / CBS – TCF – David Gerber Prod. / 24×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1971 – 1972

Creators: Rick Husky, Tony Wilson / Music: Henry Mancini / Executive Producer: David Gerber

Glenn Ford as Sam Cade
Edgar Buchanan as J.J. Jackson
Taylor Lacher as Arlo Pritchard
Victor Campos as Rudy Davillo
Peter Ford as Pete
Sandra Ego as Joanie Little Bird
Betty Ann Carr as Kitty Ann Sundown

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