Commander, The (ITV 2003-2008 with Amanda Burton)

UK / ITV1 – La Plante Productions / 14×90 minute episodes and 3×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 16 February 2003 – 12 November 2008

Creator and Producer: Lynda La Plante / Executive Producer: Lorraine Goodman

Crime drama series. Cases of Commander Clare Blake who is responsible for not only overseeing the Serious Crime Group but is also tasked with keeping tabs on the cops themselves – much to their disgust naturally.

There was a two part pilot in 2003 which saw Blake becoming embroiled in an affair with a convicted murderer. The series proper then began in 2005. The pilot and the first three seasons were all 90 minute two part stories whilst the final season was made up a single story told across three 60 minute episodes.

Amanda Burton as Commander Clare Blake
Martin Wenner as Alistair Morrison
Matthew Marsh as Detective Chief Inspector Mike Hedges
Poppy Miller as Detective Inspector Carol Browning
Anthony Valentine as D.A.C. Edward Sumpter
Patti Love as Brenda Thornton
Thomas Lockyer as Detective Inspector Ken Miles
Sean Chapman as Detective Chief Inspector Frank Lane
Pip Torrens as Detective Chief Superintendent Les Branton

THE PILOT (2 part story) 16 and 17 February 2003

SEASON ONE 17 and 18 January 2005
1. BLACK DOG (two part story)

SEASON TWO 27 March – 3 April 2006
1. BLACK LIGHT (two part story)

SEASON THREE 8 July – 12 August 2007
1. THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (two part story)
2. FRAUDSTER (two part story)
3. WINDOWS OF THE SOUL (two part story)

SEASON FOUR 10 – 12 November 2008
1. ABDUCTION (a three part story)

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