NCIS New Orleans: Hell on the High Water (CBS 24 Jan 2017, with Christine Woods)

NCIS NOLA Hell on the High Water

In Hell on the High Water after Pride travels to a deep sea oil rig for a murder investigation, the team uncovers a gas leak that’s on the verge of causing a catastrophic explosion.

Also, Sebastian starts his NCIS special agent training at FLETEC.

Scott Bakula (Special Agent Dwayne Pride)
Lucas Black (Special Agent Christopher Lasalle)
Vanessa Ferlito (FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio)
Rob Kerkovich (Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund)
Daryl “Chill” Mitchell (Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plane)
Shalita Grant (Special Agent Sonja Percy)
CCH Pounder (Dr. Loretta Wade)

Christine Woods (SAT Com Specialist Bonnie Madigan)
Debra Monk (CEO Sarah Laroche)
Jim Beaver (Rig Manager Jackson Hauser)
James Black (Special Agent Perkins)
Cliff Chamberlain (CTO Elliot Laroche)
David Kallaway (Darren Meade)
Joshua Whites (Lyle Peterson)
Tenea Intriago (Temp Lab Technician Claire Blecher)
Ron Flagge (Mitch Folgel)
Breana Turner (Crissy Folgel)
Steven A.D. Taylor (Logan Blake)

WRITTEN BY: Zach Strauss
DIRECTED BY: Michael Zinberg

Series: NCIS NOLA Season 3 Episode 12
Airdate: Tuesday 24 January 2017 at 10.00pm on CBS

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