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Dr Who Audio Adventures: The Wormery (Big Finish 2003 with Colin Baker, Katy Manning)

Distributor: Big Finish  | Writers: Stephen Cole and Paul Magas | Director: Nicholas Briggs

Running Time: 72 minutes  (1 CD)

Main Cast: Colin Baker as The Doctor | Katy Manning as Iris Wildthyme

Release Date: November 2003

Reviewer: Fred Hamer

In The Womery The Tardis lands in Berlin in the 1930’s not only that but inside a nightclub called “Bianca’s”. It would seem that Bianca’s was the night club in that area, every evening Bianca herself would perform and her followers both male and female would come to pay homage to her and drink their cares away. Working there is also Mickey a young waitress and Henry the manager who has secret plans of his own.

Into this scenario enters or rather staggers Iris Wildthyme superbly played by Katy Manning. Iris is also a time traveller and well known to the Doctor, as the Doctor comments “ she uses time travel like a package holiday”. But Iris is troubled when she drinks (which is often) she hears voices (don’t we all) but these voices are trying to tell her something but they are indistinct.

But the Doctor suspects all is not as it seems and as the Doctor digs deeper into the club itself he finds himself smitten with Bianca and under her spell tries to kill Iris.

The Doctor starts to find things in the club that cause him concern including why are there wormlike alien creatures in the club? why do shadows not match the people in the club they are joined to? Also the doctor discovers the managers own plan for an ultimate alien invasion of earth that will affect the destiny of every living thing. And what of Iris – why does Carla want her dead? What is the link between them – Doctor I think you need a stiff drink.

This story takes place after Trial of a Time Lord and there are some references to this in this story. I found this to be a totally enjoyable story wonderfully acted especially by Katy Manning as Iris Wildthyme, she overacts wonderfully and clearly steals every scene she appears in. Katy is no stranger to Dr Who appearing in no lees than 15 stories as Jo Grant with the 3rd Doctor the difference between the roles of Iris and Jo Grant is as far as the space between the Earth and Gallifrey.

A super story of mystery and dark secrets. Highly recommended.

Note it would be remiss not to comment that I firmly believe that an  audio story featuring Iris Wildthyme would be well accepted.

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