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Australian TV

Comedy Game, The (ABC 1971-1973, John Bell, Jacki Weaver)



An anthology series of one off comedies made with a guide to producing sitcoms, several made it including Our Man in the Company and Aunty Jack.

The full run down of shows was

Nice Day at the Office – Writer: John O’Grady; cast: John Bell, Neil Fitzpatrick, Fay Kelton and Kevin Lesley
Use No Hooks – cast: Keith Lee, John Hamblin and Grahame Bond
Gaudeamus Igitur – cast: Jacki Weaver and Arna-Maria Winchester
Scattergood – Writer: Maurice Wiltshire: cast: Max Cullen, Moya O’Sullivan and Alfred Sandor
Aunty Jack’s Travelling Show – Writer: Grahame Bond; cast: Grahame Bond
Arthur – Writer: Michael Aitkens cast: Michael Aitkens, Sheila Kennelly and Judy Morris.

Fat Max – Writer: John O’Grady; cast: Barry Lovett, Graham Rouse and Olivia Hamnett
Catch What I Mean? – Writer: John Dingwall; cast: John Meillon, Moya O’Sullivan and Graham Rouse
Birth, Death and Marriage – Writers: Maurice Wiltshire, Ray Biehler, Arthur Sherman; cast: Garry McDonald, Jacki Weaver and Peter Sumner
The Engagement Party – Writer: John O’Grady; cast: Ron Frazer, John Krummel and Sue Walker
Flash Nick from Jindavick (2 episodes) – Writer: Grahame Bond; cast: Grahame Bond, John Meillon and Martin Harris
The Only One Left – Writer: John O’Grady; cast: Garry McDonald, Terry Bader and Walter Sullivan

production details
Australia / ABC / 14×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 1971 and 1973