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Kettering Incident, The (Foxtel 2016, Elizabeth Debicki)Kettering Incident, The (Foxtel 2016, Elizabeth Debicki)

Australian TV

Kettering Incident, The (Foxtel 2016, Elizabeth Debicki)



Crime drama The Kettering Incident stars Elizabeth Debicki as Anna Macy who left the town of Kettering in Tasmania when she was 14. A short time earlier her best friend Gillian Baxter had disappeared whilst out in the woods with Anna. 15 years later Anna is back in Kettering, the town is in the middle of a major battle between environmentalists and loggers meanwhile Anna’s return is a cause for concern when another young girl disappears.

Anna is determined to get to the bottom of what really happened to Gillian and in doing so threatens to tear apart the very fabric of the whole town.

The Kettering Incident is a strong and very well made drama and Foxtel did well snagging Elizabeth Debicki before her career went on to the next level thanks to The Night Manager. This series was actually made in 2014 way before The Night Manager but held over by Foxtel, no official reason was given for the long delay but an article at DeciderTV stated that it may have been related to Foxtel wanted to spend their advertising budget on the high profile A Place To Call Home which they just poached from Channel 7. Whatever the reason the wait was worth it, the Tasmanian settings and cinematography give it the wide open space feel of something like the BBC’s Wallander.

The Kettering Incident

The cover of The Australian newspaper detailing the “UFO” incident of Frederick Valentich.

According to the ABC one of the inspirations for the series was the disappearance of a pilot over Bass Strait in Tasmania in 1978. Many are convinced that Frederick Valentich was abducted by aliens having reported that a strange craft was flying over him. In the series Anna and Gillian see strange lights in the sky just before Gillian disappears and Anna wakes up 8 hours later with no knowledge of what has happened.

production details
Australia / Showcase – Foxtel – BBC Worldwide – Porchlight Films – Sweet Potato Films / 8×60 minute episodes / Broadcast from 4 July 2016

Creators: Victoria Madden, Vincent Sheehan / Writers: Victoria Madden, Louise Fox, Cate Shortland, Andrew Knight / Executive Producer: Penny Win / Directors: Rowan Woods, Tony Krawitz

Elizabeth Debicki in The Kettering Incident

Elizabeth Debicki as Anna

Elizabeth Debicki as Dr. Anna Macy
Matthew Le Nevez as Detective Brian Dutch[4]
Henry Nixon as Officer Fergus McFadden
Anthony Phelan as Roy Macy
Damon Gameau as Jens Jorgenssen
Alison Whyte as Deb Russell
Katie Robertson as Sandra Hull
Kris McQuade
Sianoa Smit-McPhee as Chloe Holloway
Neil Pigot as Dominic Harrold
Sacha Horler as Barbara Holloway
Damien Garvey as Max Holloway
Ben Oxenbould as Craig Grayson
Tilda Cobham-Hervey as Eliza Grayson
Dylan Young as Dane Sullivan
Suzi Dougherty as Renae Baxter
Kevin MacIsaac as Travis Kingston



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