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Australian TV

Silent Number (Channel 9 1974, Grigor Taylor)



Crime drama series Silent Number followed the cases of Doctor Steve Hamilton who finds himself working with the police on numerous criminal investigations.

From Classic Australian TV: “The lead role in Silent Number was played by Grigor Taylor, who had only recently left his role of Detective Allan Curtis in the top-rating Crawfords-produced series Matlock Police. Taylor played Steve Hamilton, an idealistic doctor working for the New South Wales Health Department who has been seconded to the police force. His duties are involved with the health, both mental and physical, of the police, the criminals and their victims, and he finds himself as much mixed up with the human involvement as with the actual crimes. Hamilton joined the Health Department for two reasons: first, he thought it would be more fascinating and rewarding on a personal level than being a general practitioner, and second he couldn’t afford to start his own practice.

The title of the series refers to Hamilton’s private telephone number. In his role as a medical investigator he is often on call at all hours to assist the NSW police, as he could throw new light on what might otherwise appear to be a straightforward case. Although why someone who needs to be contacted at all hours has a silent phone number is not very clear…”

Silent Number 1974

Lots of top Australian actors appeared as guest stars in each episode. Among them are Peter Sumner, Jack Fegan, Janet Kingsbury, Elizabeth Crosby, Norman Yemm, and Harry Lawrence.

production details
Australia / Channel 9 – South Pacific / 349×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 1974

Producer: Roger Mirams

GRIGOR TAYLOR as Dr Steve Hamilton
TONY WAGNER (replaced quickly by Don Reid)
ROBIN TOLHURST (replaced by Ros Spiers)