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Australian TV

Snowy (Channel 9 1993, Rebecca Gibney, Annie Jones)




Snowy is an epic Australian drama set in the mountains of the legendary cattleman – the men from Snowy River – following the Second World War. Using a mass immigration program that would resettle the mighty Snowy River inland under the mountains and away from the sea.

Snowy tells the saga of the people who made it happen, Australians whose lives would never be the same again; immigrants from war torn Europe who served their two year contracts as virtual slave labour away from their wives and families; contractors from France, Italy, England, Norway and the United States; gamblers and opportunists who inhabit any frontier; those who made their fortunes on the giant Scheme and those who died in the tunnels.

The series begins in 1949,the year the scheme was opened, and tells the story of a young man from mountains who finds friendship with a former enemy from Germany and who comes of age during an era of tumult and hope.

production details
Australia / Channel 9 – Simpson Le Mesurier – Beyond / 13×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 1993

Creator: Roger Simpson / Producer: Roger Le Mesurier / Directors: Paul Moloney, Ian Gilmour

Rebecca Gibney
Annie Jones
Catherine Wilkin
Bill Kerr
Charlie Powles
Neil Melville
Lucy Bell
Bernard Curry
Jochen Horst
William McInnes