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Australian TV

Wrong Girl, The (Channel 10, 2016, Jessica Marais)



Comedy drama The Wrong Girl details episodes in the life of Lily Woodward who produces the cooking segment on morning television show The Breakfast Bar. Despite the fact that Lily and her flatmate Simone have sworn off men Lily manages to fall for the shows hot new chef.

Lily’s best friend is Pete Barnett who works in a local coffee shop but harbours ambitions to become a journalist.

Comedian Hamish Blake who appears in the show is married to Zoe Foster Blake.

production details
Australia / Channel 10 – Playmaker Media / x60 minute episodes / Broadcast from Wednesday 28 September 2016 at 8.30pm

Writer: Judi McCrossin / Novel: Zoe Foster Blake / Executive producers: David Maher, David Taylor / Producers: Tom Hoffie, Judi McCrossin

Wrong Girl

Jessica Marais as Lily Woodward.

Jessica Marais as Lily Woodward
Rob Collins as Jack Winters, the new chef on The Breakfast Bar
Ian Meadows as Pete Barnett, Lily’s best friend who works in a coffee shop but wants to a music journalist
Cecelia Peters as Alice Felton-Smith, Junior producer on The Breakfast Bar
Christie Whelan Browne as Nikkii Steadman, producer on The Breakfast Bar, has her finger on the pulse of whats hot or not
Craig McLachlan as Eric Albrectson, unpredicatble host of The Breakfast Bar
David Woods as Dale Collins, news producer on The Breakfast Bar
Doris Younane as Sasha Kirk, Lily’s boss
Hamish Blake as Hamilton, the weather reporter
Hayley Magnus as Simone Bryant, Lily’s flat mate
Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Vincent Woodward, Lily’s older brother
Kerry Armstrong as Mimi Meylan, Lily’s divorced mother
Kevin Harrington as Ivan Barnett, Pete’s father
Leah Vandenberg as Meredith Vadivelu, Pete’s boss
Madeleine West as Erica Jones, co-host of The Breakfast Bar
Steve Vizard as Anthony Woodward, Lily’s father



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