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10 Days to War: Blowback (S1EP5 BBC Two 14 Mar 2008, Philip Arditti)



Blowback: War is less than a week away but a battle is being fought for the streets. A community fights back against radical Islamists recruiting young men for jihad.

Philip Arditti (Haidar), Avin Shah (Rafiq), Shane Zaza (Farid), Abhin Galeya (Mudasser), Adrian Scarborough (Steve), Zee Sulleyman (Imran), Rene Zagger (Omar), Kaleem Janjua (Mohammed), Josef Altin (Young Lad), Akin Gazi (Passer By)

Writer: Ronan Bennett / Idea: Harshad Mistry / Director: Bruce Goodison

Airdate: 14 Mar 2008 on BBC Two

Series: 10 Days to War Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: A series of short dramas about the countdown to war in Iraq.