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10 Days to War: Our Business Is North (S1EP8 BBC Two 19 Mar 2008, Kenneth Branagh)



Our Business Is North: It’s 24 hours until war begins. Colonel Tim Collins, the charismatic commander of the Royal Irish Regiment stationed on the Kuwait/Iraq border. The politicians and diplomats have failed, now it’s down to the soldiers. Collins rallies his troops with a speech that comes to be celebrated round the world for its ferocity and humanity. But how will it affect his soldiers? And how will Collins deal with the unrest and fear within his own regiment?

Kenneth Branagh (Colonel Tim Collins), Stuart Graham (Beattie), Hugh O’Conor (Magoo), Philip Baranttini (Ranger Giddins), Leigh Edmondson (Scouse Soldier), Eugene O’Hare (Mullan), Jonny Phillips (Brigadier Jack Page), Lucy Russell (Doctor Heather McDonald), Nick Seeley (Boyd), Alan Turkington (Tough Ranger)

Writer: Ronan Bennett / Idea: Harshad Mistry / Director: David Belton

Airdate: 19 Mar 2008 on BBC Two

Series: 10 Days to War Season 1 Episode 8

Show Info: A series of short dramas about the countdown to war in Iraq.