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100 Days to Victory Final airs Thurs 1 Nov on BBC-2



The second and concluding episode of this two documentary-drama series on the final days of World War One begins with the victory by the Allies at Amiens.

The tide is turning, but the victors are under no illusions. The German Army remains a daunting fighting force with the Hindenburg Line intact – the most formidable defensive system in military history. If the Allies are to have any hope for victory, they’ll need to find a way to punch through Germany’s wall of steel.

The generals formulate an ambitious plan incorporating newly minted ‘combined arms’ tactics on a massive scale. They commit artillery, tanks, aircraft and troops in concert, to attack the Hindenburg Line in the centre, north and south. It becomes clear that only the combined might of the Allies on the Western Front can finally defeat Germany.

The generals lead their forces in a series of battles to break the line, with the Canadians and the French getting close to forcing a breach. Then, on 29 September 1918, a combined Australian, British and American force breaks through. The Germans have no answer to this onslaught and soon seek peace negotiations.

From the visceral experience of those serving on the battlefield to the crucial decision making of the generals, this drama-documentary series brings the story of WWI’s remarkable multinational feat of arms vividly to life.

100 Days to Victory is an international co-production involving BBC Scotland, Foxtel Australia and The History Channel in Canada and is produced by Electric Pictures.

Pictured above is an Australian soldier (played by Matthew Payne) reflects on the horrors of war after the battle at Mont Sorrel

Airdate: Thursday 1 November 2018 from 8.00pm-9.00pm on BBC TWO

Season 1 Episode 2 (of 2)