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£10k Holiday Home Episode 4 airs 28 Aug on ITV



In the fourth episode of £10k Holiday Home, with no water, electricity or internal walls Julia has a lot of work to do to ensure her cottage is finished on time and within budget.

With costs mounting, and only £2,000 left in her £10k budget, Julia visits Fergal from Athlone in Ireland for inspiration. He managed to transform an abandoned sunken shipwreck into a sleek motorboat for less than £7,000 – £93,000 under the asking price of some brand new ones.

Meanwhile, designer and salvage expert Max continues his own challenge – to build a holiday home on wheels for just £5,000. Now he needs to work out how to use canvas to help it expand to twice its travelling size. He visits Cornwall to see a treehouse which has used canvas to great effect.

In this series Julia Bradbury is finding out if it’s possible to buy and renovate a home abroad for just £10,000. Some savvy sun worshippers claim to have paid just twice the £5,000 that an average family reportedly spends on their annual break away – to have their very own holiday home.

Airdate: Tuesday 28 August 2018 from 7.30-8.00pm on ITV

Season 1 Episode 4 (of 6)

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