1990: Non-Citizen (BBC-2 31 Oct 1977, with Edward Judd)

In Non-Citizen, the final episode of the first season, the PCD are appealing against the verdict that found Kyle innocent of being involved in the emigrant racket. They also withdraw all his privileges, taking his identity card; his union card (meaning he won’t be able to work); his assets are frozen; his house is placed under compulsory purchase; his car impounded and even the right to use public transport rescinded. In effect they have turned him into a non-citizen. He is also placed in custody for 48 hours.

It’s a real eye-opener for Kyle when he meets a group of vagrant non-citizens. His new ID card is implanted with a surveillance device so he can’t even get in touch with any of his colleagues. Meanwhile Faceless approaches Dave Brett and tells him he needs to see Kyle as soon as possible – he has vital news for him.

Under all the Fagin style make up is Edward Judd, he plays a non-citizen who helps Kyle.
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After a week on the streets the PCD pick Kyle up, Skardon offers to reinstate him as a citizen if he agrees to work for the state newspaper. Kyle tells him where to go of course.

Meanwhile he does get in touch with Faceless who gives him advance copies of the all new all in one card that the PCD are bringing in for the privileged. Faking his death he teams up with Calhoun and Brett. The plan is create fakes of the card and flood the market with them. Once the cards are out it brings chaos to the country. It’s also the catalyst for allowing Kyle to get his life back.

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A superb final episode bringing the first season to a close. Kyle realises that it’s not enough to simply try the softly softly approach any more.

The PCD are in panic mode after Kyle releases the fake cards.

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 24 October 1977

Writer: Edmund Ward / Production Design: Robert Berk / Director: Bob Hird

Series: 1990 Season 1 Episode 8

Edward Woodward as Jim Kyle
Robert Lang as Herbert Skardon
Barbara Kellermann as Delly Lomas
Tony Doyle as Dave Brett
Paul Hardwick as Faceless
George Murcell as Greaves
Clifton Jones as Henry Tasker
Michael Napier Brown as Jack Nichols
Mitzi Rogers as Agnes Culmore
Edward Judd as Auckland
Julia Sutton as Woman non-citizen
Vernon Dobtcheff as Prof Cheever
Victor Maddern as Sammy Calhoun
Colin Edwynn as Nutter Stonebridge
Tony Sympson as Frank Woodcock
Stacy Davies as PCD sergeant

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