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2 Broke Girls: And The Baby and Stuff (CBS 13 Mar 2017, with Nora Dunn)



2 Broke Girls and the Baby and Stuff

Nora Dunn Returns to Guest Star as Bobby’s Mother, Teresa in And The Baby and Stuff.

When Caroline encourages Bobby’s sister, Denise (Kerri Kenney-Silver), to quit her job, the couple heads toward their first fight after Caroline realizes the company Denise works for is her mother’s.

Also, after Max reads a text on Bobby’s phone suggesting he has a child with his ex, Jessica (Mikela Hoover), she and Han go undercover as an engaged couple to Jessica’s wedding planning shop to find out the truth.

Kat Dennings (Max Black)
Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing)
Matthew Moy (Han Lee)
Jonathan Kite (Oleg)
Garrett Morris (Earl)
Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie)

Christopher Gorham (Bobby)
Nora Dunn (Teresa)
Kerri Kenney-Silver (Denise)
Mikaela Hoover (Jessica)
Rich Grosso (Dead Guy)

STORY BY: Brian Rubenstein
TELEPLAY BY: Michael Lisbe and Nate Reger and Justin Sayre

Series: 2 Broke Girls Season 6 Episode 9
Airdate: Monday 13 March 2017 at 9.30pm on CBS