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2 Broke Girls: And the Tease Time (CBS 13 Feb 2017, with Jonathan Kite)



2 Broke Girls And The Tease Time

In And the Tease Time, as Caroline prepares for her third date with Bobby (Christopher Gorham), she decides to spice things up by taking a burlesque class accompanied by a reluctant Max, who decides to give up sex in the wake of her breakup with Randy.

Also, Max decides to take up a new hobby and goes golfing with Han.

Kat Dennings (Max Black)
Beth Behrs (Caroline Channing)
Matthew Moy (Han Lee)
Jonathan Kite (Oleg)
Garrett Morris (Earl)
Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie)
Christopher Gorham (Bobby)
Katie Wee (Rita)
Bonnie Burroughs (Stacey)
Kenneth-Michael Glass (Gavin)

WRITTEN BY: Justin Sayre
DIRECTED BY: Don Scardino

Series: 2 Broke Girls Season 6 Episode 16
Airdate: 13 February 2017 on CBS