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20/20: Brandon Woodruff (S2022EP15 ABC Fri May 20, 2022)



When Dennis and Norma Woodruff were found murdered in their home in the Texas Bible Belt, authorities immediately suspected the couple’s son, Brandon Woodruff, who was the last person to see them alive. Authorities believe Brandon led a double life, and they discovered a weapon that had one of the victims’ DNA on it and could have been used in the crime. He was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to life in prison, but his family is divided on whether or not he committed the murders.

Today, as the Texas Innocence Project works to clear Brandon’s name, “20/20” examines the central question raised by his supporters: Did he kill his parents? Brandon’s first TV interview since his 2009 conviction with ABC News anchor John Quiones, in which he claims his innocence and discusses how anti-gay bias influenced the investigation, is featured on the new “20/20.”

The program also explores the evidence against Brandon and includes interviews with Bonnie Woodruff, Brandon’s grandmother; Allison Clayton, deputy director of the Innocence Project of Texas; members of the jury; and witnesses in the trial. The episode also contains footage of police interviews with Brandon and Brandon’s friends from college and childhood.

Airdate: Fri May 20, 2022 at 21:00 on ABC

Season 2022 Episode 15

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