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20/20 (Friday December 2, 2022 A Captive Student on ABC)




Tonight Friday December 2, 2022 the show 20/20 airs a new episode.

Tonight, Friday December 2, 2022, the episode A Captive Student airs  at 9.00pm on ABC.

Episode Summary

In 2017, after unethical behavior that started in his classroom was exposed, Tad Cummins, a 50-year-old high school teacher, removed Elizabeth Thomas from her small hometown in Tennessee. Their disappearance sparked a 38-day nationwide search that garnered media attention across the nation. After ABC News correspondent Eva Pilgrim conducted the first on-camera interview with Thomas in 2018, “20/20” examines the case using fresh interviews and police footage.

The two-hour documentary offers a thorough examination of the case, covering the circumstances leading up to the disappearance, previously undisclosed information from the month-long investigation that followed the pair across the nation, and Cummins’ legal battle.

In addition to Special Agent Sterling Wall, the lead FBI agent on the case, Special Agent Tyler Sells with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, detective Marcus Albright, the lead investigator from the Maury County, Tennessee Sherriff’s Office, and Sara Beth Myers, the lead federal prosecutor on the case, “20/20” has new interviews with key investigators and prosecutors who helped bring Cummins to justice.

The program also includes an interview with Cummins’ ex-wife Jill and never-before-seen footage of his interrogation, which sheds important light on his mental state before running away. Important members of Cummins and Thomas’ families, Jason Whatley, the Thomas family lawyer, Brent Cooper, and Griffin Barry, whose tip resulted in Cummins’ arrest, were also interviewed.

Airdate, Episode Count and Show Info

Friday December 2, 2022 at 9.00pm on ABC.

Featured Image Credit: ABC