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20/20: Lori Vallow’s Brother (ABC Fri 21 Jan 2022)



Two years ago, the strange and horrific story of Lori Vallow gripped the nation when after falling in love with doomsday prepper and author, Chad Daybell, her children mysteriously disappeared and authorities later found them buried in his backyard.

Now, as Lori and Chad both face charges in connection to the murders of her children, JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, ABC News contributor Ryan Smith sits down for the first TV network interview with her brother, Adam Cox. He opens up about her strange shift in behavior before the murders; her involvement with Chad and his doomsday beliefs; his thoughts on the alleged involvement of his brother, Alex Cox; and how these haunting events affected him and his family.

“20/20” contains never-before-seen video of Chad’s teachings and new home videos of the Cox family, including Alex at shooting practice. It also has newly released evidence from authorities, including video of police interviews with Lori, Alex, and Tylee and texts that Chad sent to Lori detailing his infatuation with her.

The two-hour program includes interviews with “The Followers: Madness of Two” podcast host Sarah Treleaven, and producer and ABC News consultant Beth Karas; as well as interviews from the ABC News archives with Kay and Larry Woodcock, grandparents of JJ; Janis Cox, Lori’s mom; Melani Pawlowski, Lori’s niece; Chandler Police detectives who worked on the case; and friends of Lori and Chad. Chad pleaded not guilty to the charges he’s facing. Lori is undergoing mental evaluations to see if she is competent for trial.

Airdate: Friday 21 January 2022 at 9.00pm on ABC.