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5 Gold Rings: Season 4 Premiere (S4EP1 ITV Sun 1 Nov 2020)



ITV’s The Thief

The new series kickstarts with a Coronation Street V’s Emmerdale special as Corrie’s Simon Gregson takes on Emmerdale’s Matthew Wolfenden as the pair play alongside members of the public to help them win a cash prize. Joining Simon is Brenda from Yorkshire. She has watched Coronation Street from the beginning and would love to buy a new kitchen if she wins any money. Matthew is joined by Frank from London, who would love to take his girlfriend of 10 years on a once in a lifetime holiday to Japan. Frank has a very unusual hobby, wherever he travels he likes to buy a ukulele to add to his collection so he is hoping to win enough money to do both!

Airdate: Sun 1 Nov 2020 at 6.00pm on ITV

Season 4 Episode 1