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55 Degrees North: Episode 4 (S1EP4 BBC 27 Jul 2004, Bill Fellows)



Episode 4: After a drunken night out, Astel discovers he’s hit something – or someone – with his car. Nicky, meanwhile, gets some unexpected attention from Claire.

Cast: Don Gilet (Detective Sergeant Nicky Cole), Dervla Kirwan (Claire Maxwell), Christian Rodska (Detective Inspector Dennis Carter), Mark Stobbart (Police Constable Martin Clark), Andrew Dunn (Sergeant Rick Astel), Michael Hodgson (Detective Sergeant Maguire), George Harris (Errol Hill), Jaeden Burke (Matty Cole), Jacqueline King (Georgina Hodge), Amit Arroz (Nazeer Ahmed), Martin McGlade, Jack McBride, Pat Dunn, Bill Fellows, Sharon Percy, Andy Bates, Jacqueline Phillips, Mark Camaren, Oliver Judge, John McCraw, Ian McLaughlin, Steve Wraith, Matthew Wynn, Roger Martin

Writer: Timothy Prager / Director: Brian Kelly

Original Airdate: 27 Jul 2004 on BBC
Series: 55 Degrees North Season 1 Episode 4