60 Minutes Australia Tonight (Channel 9 Sunday 12 February 2023)



60 Minutes Australia

60 Minutes Australia airs a new episode tonight Sunday 12 February 2023 on Channel 9.

Tonight Sex, Lies & Alibis: After millionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s former mistress Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of sex crimes against minors last year, many of the girls who were victims of her abuse anticipated that her time behind bars would finally silence her. They were completely wrong. She has started an organised attempt to alter history while also appealing the 20 years she was given for her crime.  

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Tracey Hannaford, Sammi Taylor

Hot P!nk: A superstar like Pink may be a member of the music industry’s upper echelons, but you wouldn’t know it since she has zero pretence. It’s perhaps why Aussies have been so smitten with the high-octane vocalist for over two decades. As Amelia Adams finds out in an exclusive interview with Pink for 60 Minutes, the musician is as relaxed, candid, and hilarious as ever. The singer also has some exciting news for her Australian fans.

Reporter: Amelia Adams
Producer: Garry McNab

Airdate: Sunday 12 February 2023 at 8.40pm on Channel 9.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9

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