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60 Minutes Australia Tonight (Channel 9 Sunday 5 February 2023)



This Sunday at 8:40pm, the 2023 season premiere of 60 MINUTES will air on Channel 9, featuring two remarkable stories.

Reporter Tom Steinfort spoke with four people who were on board the helicopter that crashed at Sea World to bring you this exclusive report. Their eyewitness accounts of the horrifying crash sheds shocking new light on every aspect of the disaster, from the moments leading up to the collision to the instant following the impact as their pilot struggled to land the helicopter.

The stunning footage they filmed inside the helicopter corroborate their recollections and give air crash investigators new leads in their search for answers about what may have caused the tragedy.

Amelia Adams, the newest member of the 60 MINUTES team, joins the programme this Sunday following an illustrious career as a foreign reporter for Nine News. Adams will report the program’s second story.

Adams looks into what went wrong when a gun fired on the set of the film Rust while being handled by actor Alec Baldwin. Unbelievably at least one live cartridge made it into the gun’s chamber despite the fact that it was meant to be loaded with blanks.

Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer, was killed, and Joel Souza, the director, was injured. Baldwin and the film’s weapon wrangler were both charged with involuntary manslaughter this week for their roles in the incident.

Adams reconstructs the tragic events of the day using footage from emergency responders’ body cameras and other videos shot at the scene. Her article also included an exclusive interview with an Australian crew member who was present on set and was barely a few metres away from the gun when it went off.

Kirsty Thomson, Executive Producer of 60 MINUTES, says: “Everyone here is thrilled to be back for the 45th season of the program and even more excited to be starting the year with such strong reporting of two very important stories.”

Thomson also thanked the Australian and international 60 Minutes viewers, saying: “We’re immensely proud we’ve been able to grow our audience, not only on free-to-air TV but also across other platforms. “Our success is testament to the program’s unparalleled excellence in reporting, camerawork and editing. 60 MINUTES will continue to deliver video content that both introduces and deepens engagement with its traditional and online audiences.”

Airdate: Sunday 5 February 2023 at 8.40pm on Channel 9.