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60 Minutes Tonight (Channel 9 Sunday 19 March 2023)



60 Minutes

60 Minutes this week on 9…


Stop using Botox and throw away your facial fillers. It’s time to retire the new and dust off the old. Gray is the new black, and wrinkles are hot. Women of all ages, but notably those over 50, are coming to see accepting old age as a source of beauty.

Leaders of this revolution can be found in some unexpected places, as Amelia Adams finds out. Hollywood celebrities and idols of the beauty industry are among them. Supermodel Paulina Porizkova, now 57, argues that looking and feeling beautiful as you age is totally hip.

Reporter: Amelia Adams, Producer: Laura Sparkes


It’s hard to believe, but kidnapping children is perfectly legal in Japan. Yes, legal. A parent in a broken marriage can legally steal their children and disappear without a trace thanks to a strange rule in that country. It’s a real possibility because displeased divorcing parents don’t have the choice of co-parenting. The parent who had physical custody of the kid or children immediately before their separation from that parent is awarded sole custody.

That parent also has the option to restrict access for the other parent. While it’s within Japan’s right to impose whatever regulations it sees fit, 82 innocent Australian youngsters have been dragged into this nightmare. North Asia correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, Eryk Bagshaw, was sent to Japan to find out why the once-reasonable concept of shared custody is now as foreign to the Japanese as a prohibition on whaling.

Reporter: Eryk Bagshaw, Producer: Natalie Clancy

Airdate: Sunday 19 March 2023 at 8.40pm on Channel 9.