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61st Street: Man on Fire (S1EP8 AMC UK Tues 17 May 2022)



Man on Fire

Man on Fire: Franklin has suffered a setback. A verdict is read after Moses takes the stand.

Airdate: Tues 17 May 2022 at 21:00 on AMC UK

Season 1 Episode 8

Set in present-day Chicago, 61st Street is a gripping drama that follows Moses Johnson, a promising high school athlete, who is swept up into the infamously corrupt Chicago criminal justice system. Taken by the police as a gang member, he soon finds himself in the eye of the storm as police and prosecutors seek revenge for the death of an officer during a drug bust gone wrong. A timely examination of the institutional racism plaguing cities nationwide, 61st Street plumbs the depths of systemic abuse happening in some of the country’s most vulnerable communities.