9JKL: TV MD (CBS 6 Nov 2017, with Suzy Nakamura)


TV MD: Harry and Judy shower Andrew with attention after he lands a local television gig as a medical correspondent, with help from Josh. Also, when Eve grows frustrated by the lack of boundaries between her in-laws and Andrew, she tries to turn their attention back to Josh.

Mark Feuerstein’s parents, Harvey and Audrey Feuerstein, make cameo appearances.

Mark Feuerstein (Josh)
David Walton (Andrew)
Elliott Gould (Harry)
Linda Lavin (Judy)
Liza Lapira (Eve)
Matt Murray (Nick)
Albert Tsai (Ian)

Suzy Nakamura (Casting Director)
Harvey Feuerstein (Fred)
Audrey Feuerstein (Marsha)

WRITTEN BY: Austen Earl
DIRECTED BY: Jeff Greenstein

Series: 9JKL Season 1 Episode 6
Air Date: Monday, November 06, 2017
Time Slot: 9:30 PM-10:00 PM EST on CBS

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