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A Bit of a Do: The Grand Opening Of Sillitoe’s (S2EP3 ITV 3 Nov 1989, Malcolm Tierney)



The Grand Opening Of Sillitoe’s: It is the opening of Rodney and Betty’s health food complex and Rita is unpopular due to her council work. She becomes even less popular with Liz when Rita declares that the new man in her life is Liz’s brother. Ted meanwhile agrees to move with Corinna to East Africa to start a new life, and Elvis and Jenny become a couple.

Regular Cast: David Jason (Ted Simcock), Gwen Taylor (Rita Simcock), Nicola Pagett (Liz Rodenhurst), Michael Jayston (Neville Badger), Stephanie Cole (Betty Sillitoe), Tim Wylton (Rodney Sillitoe), David Thewlis (Paul Simcock), Sarah-Jane Holm (Jenny Simcock), Wayne Foskett (Elvis Simcock), Nigel Hastings (Simon Roderhurst), Karen Drury (Carol Fordingbridge)

Guest Cast: Diana Weston (Corinna Price-Rodgerson), Malcolm Tierney (Geoffrey Ellsworth-Smythe), Amanda Wenban (Lucinda Snellmarsh), Malcolm Hebden (Barman), The Folkways

Writer: David Nobbs / Director: John Glenister

Airdate: 3 Nov 1989 on ITV

Series: A Bit of a Do Season 2 Episode 3

Show Info: A Bit of a Do is a British comedy drama series based on the books by David Nobbs. The show starred David Jason and was aired on ITV in 1989. It was made for the ITV network by Yorkshire Television. Each episode took place at a different social function and followed the changing lives of two families, the working-class Simcocks and the middle-class Rodenhursts.