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A Country Christmas Harmony: TV Movie (Friday November 18, 2022 Lifetime)



A Country Christmas Harmony

Today Friday November 18, 2022 the movie A Country Christmas Harmony airs on Lifetime.

Chrissy Kessler (Brooke Elliott) was just a small-town girl who wanted to make it big in the music industry before she became a country music superstar. Now that Chrissy’s record sales are plummeting, a relentless record executive has persuaded her to give a Christmas concert in her hometown. Her loyal assistant Eugene (Danny Pintauro) is going with her on this trip.

When Luke Covington (Brandon Quinn), unexpectedly re-encounters his ex-girlfriend and former singing partner in a country music duo, Chrissy, he has to deal with the aftermath of her leaving him for a solo career many years ago. After a storm drives the exes to Luke’s ranch house for shelter, they realise they need each other to make it through the holidays.

Cast: Brooke Elliott (Chrissy Kessler), Brandon Quinn (Luke Covington), Danny Pintauro (Eugene), Ann Walker (Pearl Covington), Caden Dragomer (Brandon Covington), Nikki Crawford (Carole Dukes), Bradley Dodds (Brad Love), Giancarlo Sabogal (Mitchell), Aaron Coleman (Bruce), Coel Mahal (Leslie Mahalo), Paloma Nozicka (Weather Forecaster), Troy Hatt (DJ),

Airdate: Friday November 18, 2022 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.


Featured Image Credit: Lifetime