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A Fabled Holiday (Saturday December 3, 2022 on Hallmark)



A Fabled Holiday

Tonight Saturday December 3, 2022 the Hallmark movie A Fabled Holiday premieres.

Episode Summary

When Talia and her childhood best friend Anderson run into each other again, they find themselves in a strangely familiar looking town full of Christmas spirit that heals its visitors just in time for the holidays.

Cast: Brooke D’Orsay (Talia), Ryan Paevey (Anderson), Jake Guy (Jake), Daphne Hoskins (Izzy), Rochelle Greenwood (Judy), John Prowse (Charles), Benjamin Jacobson (Ryan), Carmel Amit (Diane), David Attar (Keith), John Murphy (Miles), Patti Allan (Mildred), Madeline Hirvonen (Young Talia), Victor Colotla (Young Anderson), Gerard Plunkett (Older Gentleman/Narrator), Angela Palmer (Sloane), Kevin Bundy (Talia’s Dad),

Director: Ruby Munro

Airdate for the episode

Tonight, Saturday December 3, 2022, the movie airs  at 8.00pm on Hallmark.

Featured Image Credit: Hallmark