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A Fiancé For Christmas Premieres Thurs 9 Dec on Lifetime



In A Fiancé For Christmas, perpetually single Sawyer (Amanda Payton) makes a fake wedding registry, hoping a shopping spree with a scan gun will be the ultimate retail therapy. But when the registry is discovered and the whole town throws her a surprise bridal shower, she’s too embarrassed to tell the truth.

Instead, she finds a fake fiancé to help her navigate through the lies and holiday festivities. However, as real feelings develop between Sawyer and her fake fiancé, they may turn into the real deal after all. Adam Gregory and Marie Osmond also star.

Cast: Amanda Payton (Sawyer), Adam Gregory (Landon), Marie Osmond (Margaret), Sarah Jayne Jensen (Jules), James Jamison (Bill), Scout Smith (Hillary), Shona Kay (Gemma), Kristen Marie Jensen (Camille), Shaunna Thompson (Bonnie), Jazmine Shaw (Sarah), Nova Patten (Grace), K. Danor Gerald (Oliver), Tito Livas (Johnny), Stevie Hendrix (Josh)

Written by Angeline Olschewski and Directed by Ryan Little.

Airdate: Thursday 9 December 2021 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.