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A for Andromeda: The Machine (S1EP2 BBC 10 Oct 1961, John Nettleton)



The Machine: The radio message from outer space received on the new giant radio-telescope throws the country into a panic. Scientists, military, security forces, and a great international cartel are all competing for the information it contains. The only one with the answer is the young scientist John Fleming. “It’s a do-it-yourself kit. And it isn’t human!”

Regular Cast: Esmond Knight (Professor Ernest Reinhart), Peter Halliday (John Fleming), Patricia Kneale (Judy Adamson).

Guest Cast: Noel Johnson (J. M. Osborne), Julie Christie (Christine), John Nettleton (Harries), Donald Stewart (General Vandenberg), Brenda Peters (Secretary to Osborne), Frank Windsor (Dennis Bridger), Peter Henchie (Egon), John Hollis (Kaufman), Ernest Hare (Minister of Science), Geoffrey Lewis (Doctor Geers), Robert Young, Frederick Treves, Margaret Denyer, Jack Gwillim, Anne Hudson

Writer: John Elliot / Story: Frd Hoyle / Directors: Michael Hayes and Norman James

Airdate: 10 Oct 1961 on BBC

Series: A for Andromeda Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Seven part BBC scifi drama serial A For Andromeda was set in 1970 in the Yorkshire Dales when a group of scientists receive radio signals from space. Once decoded these give them the ability to build a super computer.