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A for Andromeda: The Message (S1EP1 BBC 3 Oct 1961, Noel Johnson)



The Message: The year is 1970, and it is the eve of the opening of a new giant radio-telescope. Professor Reinhart’s staff are making routine tests, when something unexpected cuts across the usual background static of outer space, and across all their lives.

Regular Cast: Esmond Knight (Professor Ernest Reinhart), Peter Halliday (John Fleming), Patricia Kneale (Judy Adamson).

Guest Cast: Noel Johnson (J. M. Osborne), John Nettleton (Harries), John Murray-Scott (Harvey), Donald Stewart (General Vandenberg), Brenda Peters (Secretary to Osborne), Frank Windsor (Dennis Bridger), Peter King (Newsreader), Bernard Kilby, Mary Chester, Kenneth Kendall, Terry Lodge, John Barrett

Writer: John Elliot / Story: Frd Hoyle / Directors: Michael Hayes and Norman James

Airdate: 3 Oct 1961 on BBC

Series: A for Andromeda Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Seven part BBC scifi drama serial A For Andromeda was set in 1970 in the Yorkshire Dales when a group of scientists receive radio signals from space. Once decoded these give them the ability to build a super computer.