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A Ghost Story for Christmas: A Warning to the Curious (S1EP2 BBC-1 24 Dec 1972, Peter Vaughan)



A Warning to the Curious: An amateur archaeologist travels to a remote seaside town in Norfolk to search for the lost crown of Anglia, but after unearthing it is haunted by a mysterious black figure.

Show Info: An anthology series of once yearly Christmas ghost stories.

Cast: Peter Vaughan (Mr Paxton), Clive Swift (Doctor Black), John Kearney (Ager Ghost), David Cargill (Boots), Gilly Fraser (Girl), Julian Herington (Archeologist), George Benson (Vicar), Roger Milner (Antique Shop Owner), David Pugh (Porter), Cyril Appleton (Labourer)

Writer: Lawrence Gordon Clark / Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark

Airdate: 24 Dec 1972

Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas Season 1 Episode 2