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A Ghost Story for Christmas: The Stalls of Barchester (S1EP1 BBC-1 24 Dec 1971, Robert Hardy)



The Stalls of Barchester: An ambitious cleric murders an aged Archdeacon at Barchester Cathedral. However, he is soon being stalked by a sinister black cat and by a hooded figure both of whom seem to be embodiments of carvings on the cathedral’s choir stalls.

Show Info: An anthology series of once yearly Christmas ghost stories.

Cast: Robert Hardy (Archdeacon Haynes), Clive Swift (Doctor Black), Thelma Barlow (Letitia), Harold Bennett (Archdeacon Pulteney), Penny Service (Jane Lee), Will Leighton (Librarian), Martin Hoyle (Verger), Erik Chitty (Priest), David Pugh (John), Ambrose Coghill (Museum Curator),

Writer: Lawrence Gordon Clark / Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark

Airdate: 24 Dec 1971

Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas Season 1 Episode 1