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A Ghost Story for Christmas: Treasure of Abbot Thomas (S1EP4 BBC-1 23 Dec 1974, Michael Bryant)



Treasure of Abbot Thomas: A respected theologian and his protégé unearth clues to find the hidden treasure of a disgraced monk in an abbey library. Should he have heeded his own advice not to go treasure hunting?

Show Info: An anthology series of once yearly Christmas ghost stories.

Cast: Michael Bryant (Reverend Justin Somerton), John Herrington (Abbot Thomas), Frank Mills (Mr Tyson), Virginia Balfour (Lady Dattering), Paul Lavers (Peter, Lord Dattering), Sheila Dunn (Mrs Tyson), Anne Blake (Local Lady), Peggy Aitchison (Landlady)

Writer: John Bowen / Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark

Airdate: 23 Dec 1974

Series: A Ghost Story for Christmas Season 1 Episode 4