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A Haunting: Spirits at Play (S12EP12 Travel Channel Fri May 20, 2022)



Spirits at Play: Childhood sweethearts reunite, but dangerous poltergeist activity threatens their happily-ever-after. When a woman discovers the building she just bought has resident spirits, her dream of opening a successful costume shop is shattered.

Airdate: Fri May 20, 2022 at 21:00 on Travel Channel

Season 12 Episode 12

"When the door between the spirit world and ours is opened, the stuff of nightmares becomes reality". That’s according to the introduction of this series, A Haunting, which dramatizes the "true" stories of people who have been haunted or experienced a haunting. In this docu-drama, the actual people involved recount their stories on-camera, as the frightening events of their stories are re-enacted….