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A League of Her Own (ABC TV Monday 5 December 2022)



Today Monday 5 December 2022 the show A League of Her Own airs a new episode called .

The 2021 Queensland State of Origin Women’s team is the subject of the Australian film A League of Her Own as they strive to excel in one of the most physically taxing professional sports.

These dedicated female rugby league players are fighting for equality on the field and to restore Queensland’s dominance in the State of Origin series.

The Queensland Women’s State of Origin team is coached for the first time by a woman, Tahnee Norris, and is led by captain Ali Brigginshaw. The team must balance work and family obligations while overcoming injury and discrimination in order to play the sport they love.

Former game legends discuss the sacrifices they made while remembering the sport’s origins, the difficult journey to get there, and their optimism for its future.


Today, Monday 5 December 2022, the episode airs at 8.45pm on ABC TV.

Featured Image Credit: ABC TV