A Picture of Her (Hallmark Saturday March 25 2023)



A Picture of Her

A Picture of Her airs a new episode tonight Saturday March 25 2023 on Hallmark.

In A Picture of Here, Beth (Rhiannon Fish) helps out on her father’s salmon boat in a quaint Pacific Northwest fishing hamlet. Beth offers to go to Los Angeles to take care of her Aunt Dody (Samantha Ferris) after she breaks her leg and nobody else can be bothered.

Meanwhile, “Shutterbot” Jake Driver (Tyler Hynes) works as a freelance photojournalist but aspires to be a fine art photographer. He works for free at the request of a friend at a well-read weekly newspaper while waiting for his career to take off. Next, he has a job photographing a springtime farmers market, when he accidentally includes a lovely candid photo he took of Beth at a flower vendor.

It eventually becomes a viral phenomenon and lands a prime spot on the cover of the weekly publication. Jake is shaken up by the incident, but he quickly recovers when he sees Beth in the dog park. An instant relationship develops between them, and he quickly finds himself enamoured by Beth’s genuine warmth and charm.

Beth has been inundated with requests from modelling agencies and talk show hosts since the photo went viral. Beth, intoxicated by her sudden popularity and persuaded by Dody to perform in a commercial, eventually figures out that Jake has been the mysterious photographer all along.

Beth, angry and wounded, abandons her moment of stardom for the relative anonymity of her father’s boat. Jake needs to tell Beth what’s going on, but he has no idea how to get in touch with her. Only when her Aunt Dody figures out that Beth and Jake are in love does she come up with a plan to bring them back to the picturesque fishing town where they first met.

“A Picture of Her” is from Photo Road Productions Ltd. Michael Shepard, Marnie Young, Jack Grossbart and Linda Kent are executive producers. The movie is produced by Charles Cooper. Michael Robison directed from a script by Donald Davenport & Jeff Wood.

Airdate: Saturday March 25 2023 at 8.00pm on Hallmark.

Featured Image Credit: Hallmark

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