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A Place in the Sun: Central Loire Valley, France (S2021EP53 Channel 4 Tues 21 Sep 2021)



Central Loire Valley, France: John and Catherine want a fresh start now that their grown-up children have left home. They dream of moving to a new home in the Central Loire Valley in France, where they can also have paying guests. To help them fulfil their dream, Jasmine Harman hunts out five great options for their £100,000 budget, but will any of them capture their hearts?

Prod/Dir: Andy Cook; Series Prod: Jamie Broome; Senior Series Prod: Siobhan O’Gorman; Prod Co: Freeform

Airdate: Tues 21 Sep 2021 at 16:00 on Channel 4

Season 2021 Episode 53

Property experts help house hunters find their dream properties in the sun.