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A Place in the Sun: Inland Málaga Today Friday 7 October 2022 on Channel 4



A Place in the Sun

What’s happening on the inland Málaga episode of A Place in the Sun Today Friday 7 October on Channel 4; Londoners Katrin and Thomas can’t wait to purchase a vacation home in the breathtaking countryside of inland Málaga, where they hope to one day settle and enjoy the Spanish way of life permanently. They want a pool, views of the mountains, and land where they can raise chickens and grow vegetables. For their $250,000 budget, Danni Menzies has five excellent options, but has she found their ideal home?

Prod/Dir: Julann Smyth; Series Prod: Jamie Broome; Senior Series Prod: Siobhan O’Gorman; Prod Co: Freeform

Airdate: Friday 7 October 2022 at 3.00pm on Channel 4.